The need to establish a grooming and deportment chambers emerged as a result of many observations: 1. Most people in Zimbabwe are not professional and some are not serious about business soft skills. 2. Gross disintegration has been identified amongst professionals due to lack of networking facilities to meet and exchange ideas. 3. The economy requires development and implementation of business soft skills as they are only invisible part of a person and an organisation at large. 4. The image of other professionals have been tarnished by infiltrators from other beauty and clothing products which are available on the market today claiming inappropriate grooming and deportment. 5. Most spouses if executives dress inappropriately on various occasions which results in embarrassment to both parties.
To promote grooming and deportment excellence and further professionalism thereby ensuring that outstanding etiquette is learnt, recognized and implemented to the highest levels for business growth and development of the economy at large. We are on a mission to transform individuals to become people with high ethical standards in all professions.
1. To increase the level of professional etiquette amongst all staff and professionals. 2.To promote the implementation of professional ethics and norms in the business operational systems. 3.To establish and facilitate a training and development presence for members. 4.To create forums that foster the sharing of ideas among members. 5. To be internationally recognised and to bring relevance of an international network home to its members. 6. To create an awareness of self-image and the use of body language 7.To impress upon staff the importance of professional grooming and appearance and how this can help them project a positive image and therefore enhance the image of your business
1. Professionalism. 2. Passion 3. Transparency. 4. Innovation. 5. Teamwork. 6. Excellence. 7. Accountability

All about your Image

Being capable and hardworking in the current economic condition is simply not enough. You need to get recognition for your ability AND your potential.  You have to make your Personal Image to work for you, to powerfully influence and impact others to invest in you.

The way you Look, Walk and Talk is vital in your personal and professional success in life.  Find out more about how you can leverage on your Personal Image to WIN!

Stand out from the crowd

Do you want to

Get that promotion?

Impress your boss, clients or someone important?

Win over your competitors? With a good personal image, you can project positive first impressions to whoever you meet, wherever you go.  Now it’s time to leverage on your Personal Image and make it work for YOU!

“I have nothing to wear!”

(But your closet is full!).

“Why did he get the promotion?” (While you’re the deserving one).

“I want my kids to grow up and be confident, well-mannered and successful adults.”

Let us help you manage these situations.  We work with individuals, businesses and professionals and even kids build their Image.We help our clients transform the way people perceive and respond to them through their  Image:  the way they Look, Walk and Talk.

ImageXchange Grooming Chambers

provides training and consultancy services on Personal Branding, Image Management, Grooming and Etiquette to organisations and businesses as well as individuals (adults, teens and kids). It offers a wide range of personal image and personal branding training as well as corporate image management solutions and their workshops are always tailored accordingly to the needs of the audience and clients.